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1️⃣. No Featured Players allowed.

2️⃣. No players with ratings above 95 is allowed. 95 is the maximum. (Max OVR rating in the player's registered position is counted. For Example: Non-trained Messi (94) is not allowed because his maximum OVR rating in his registered position (RWF) is 98. For IM players, club boost is counted regardless of the base club you play with.

3️⃣. Players can play out of their positions but their OVR rating will be counted.

4️⃣. At most, 2 Legends are allowed. (IM players are also counted as Legends) (Gold Legends are counted in Black Rarity)

5️⃣. Maximum 5 Black Balls allowed. (Legends are also counted)

6️⃣. At least 3 Silver Balls or lower rarity mandatory.

7️⃣. Out of 18 players in the squad , there should be players from 11 different nationalities.

8️⃣. 5 players from Black Rarity should be from 5 different nations.

9️⃣. (For more than one players of same nationality) In Gold or lower Rarity, maximum two players from same nationality.This means there's a limit to maximum number of players for any given rarity of same nationality.

Example, for any given nation, MAXIMUM:

1 Black Ball

2 Gold Balls

2 Silver Balls

2 Bronze Balls

2 White Balls

1️⃣0️⃣. If you sold any of your players from WC Squad, you need to replace him with a WHITE BALL and inform the moderators.